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Emilia Clarke Emmy Game of Thrones

Emilia Clarke celebrates her Emmy Nomination in a Portable lavatory

Game of thrones actress, Emilia Clarke who plays the role of Daenerys Targaryen has once again been nominated for an Emmy award for outstanding supporting actress in the drama series. The 29 year old actress celebrated her nomination in quite a unique way in which no other actress would.

She quickly shared celebrity images on Instagram once she found out about the nomination. However the picture was not of her posing up a storm on a red carpet or dreamily looking out to sea but instead it was a snap of her in a portable lavatory. She also posted pictures of her Game of Thrones colleagues Massie Williams and Lena Headey who have also been nominated for best supporting actress.

She has been nominated twice before but she didn’t win. She can really beat it when it comes to making frightening speeches in made up languages and maybe the one she gives to the Khaals in the series right before burning them might finally make her win an Emmy.

Emilia Clarke also teamed up with the Hunger Games star Sam Claflin who is a suicidal quadriplegic in the film ??Me before you’ of ex-Hong Kong reporter’s novel. The film’s director, Thea Sharrock, suggested her to play Louisa Clark who is a courageous, idealistic young woman who agrees to take a job to look after a rich, wheelchair-bound quadriplegic tycoon (Sam Claflin).

The screenwriter Jojo Moyes was however perplexed by the suggestion because in the drama series Game of Thrones, she is one of TV’s fiercest heroines and an intelligent dragon-wielding conqueror. However she still played the role of Louisa Clark.

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